Mix Online Darrell Lehman - Mixing Online

    I Don't Stop Mixing until YOU are satisfied. I offer affordable online mixing with over 10 years of Experience combining the best of the analog and digital worlds. You can expect a mix from me to have life and creativity! I use a fully recall-able work flow allowing revisions until you are satisfied. I employ a hybrid mix setup always operating at a 96khz Sample rate: Combining Hardware Dynamics, EQ, Reverb, Amps and Distortion into a fully recall-able software mixing environment. I will work with you doing free revisions to help you achieve your goal on each mix. I can stream you a mix as I work allowing real time feedback all while you are listening on your favorite speakers at your studio or at home.
    I have an exceptionally fast FTP server which allows you to send multitracks and recieve mixes over the internet!

  • Rate Per Song - From $75 for a simple "In The Box" Mix. To $250 for the deluxe full day+ analog/Digital Hybrid Mix.

    ~ Mix Reel ~

  • Mix Gear - Cubase and Protools DAW Environments, Mytek Converters, NHTpro m60 and s80 mastering monitors. Outboard Gear: Seventh Circle Audio and Vintage Tube Mic Pre's for Color, MeyerSound CP-10, Overstayer VCA, Distressor EL8-X, FMR Real Nice Compressor. I have a fantastic selection of plugins: Both top of the line Analog Modeling and Clean Digital Processing. A selection of Real Amps for Reamping during the Mix.