• Gear - Cubase and Protools DAW Environments, Mytek Converters, NHTpro m60 and s80 mastering monitors. Outboard gear: Compliment of Seventh Circle Audio pre's, Vintage Tube Mic Pre's, MeyerSound eq, FMR Real Nice Compressor, Overstayer VCA, Distressor EL8-X. New and Vintage Mics from Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, Shure, Cad, Rca, Karma audio, Mxl, Stedman, and more. A Wide selection of Modern and Vintage guitars, Hand-wired Heritage Series VOX AC30, Guild Maverick, Epiphone Valve Junior. DAW: i7 6-core 980x, 12gb Ram, OCZ Vertex 2 SSDs, RME Raydat interface.